Alien Gaming was founded by Nic, who was tired of jumping from clan to clan either because clans would be disbanded, the members of the clan were too childish, or the clan itself was okay with cheating.Then the idea came; why not start a clan that is respectable and everyone will want to join?


What came to be known as Alien Gaming was that clan. Originally known as Violent Voltage , the clan was exclusively on Playstation 3 and only for the game Resistance Fall of Man. After the end of Resistance Fall of Man, the clan died down. One of the main reasons was the founder went off to college and did not have the time he needed to devote to maintaining a website and a clan.


As time went on, Violent Voltage would be brought back to life, by the same person, with the same goal, under a different name. The only difference? This time he wanted to build a gaming community that everyone could contribute too. He started a YouTube page dedicated to gaming videos and began to advertise through his gaming videos.


Alien Gaming is a gaming community and clan unlike any other. We welcome all to join our community forums, and encourage every gamer who does join our community to contribute through articles, videos, or forum moderation.


If you'd like to join Alien Gaming sign up for our forums and apply today! If you want to be part of our community/website, sign up for our forums and contact an administrator about what you can do to contribute to our community!